Remix Jobs CV Awards 2013

### FINALIST OF THE CV AWARDS ### The french startup RemixJobs which offers an online jobboard dedicated to IT related jobs launch a contest this spring to design new resume for their websites. With strict guidelines, an amazing jury team (Ultranoir, Steaw, Julien Renvoyé) and no limits on creativity... I couldn't pass this challenge :D I went for a flat design concept, kind of trendy yes, but never fully applied to a resume design. The captions on every pictures will gave you more details on the creative process. And as you should have already read, i was chosen in the finalists of the contest :) Kinda proud of myself ;)

The web design // 960px // Flat design inspirationnal
And the A4 design. As it is meant to be printed, i couldn't use the same design as the web version. But i wanted to stay in the same idea of flattyness.
The objective of the A4 was to catch more attention with less space. As you can see, the first third of the page gives you all the date you need. If i'm a recruiter or something, i can easily overview the candidate in less than 5 seconds. And if I want to go deeper in the candidate's background,  you just go lower in the page.
Finalist of the CV awards.
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