Frydj - Bring Smartness Into Your Kitchen

With my teammates, we had to create an innovative product. Our idea was about a connected device for the kitchen that'll improve the management of food supplies and reduce wasting. So, we designed a beautiful tablet-like device which would be fixed by electromagnets to your fridge and be connected to the Internet. As we say in the video "The Internet of Things is coming to your kitchen". The creative process required UI and UX design, 3D mock-up, video directing and editing,. Besides the concept video, we also made a website to present our work to the world (screenshots at the end of the project). Feedback is appreciated :)

"Our dream started three years ago, when we learnt, thanks to a Greenpeace report, that half of the world's food production was wasted. We asked ourselves: "How, at our scale, could we reduce this huge damages?"
Then we figured out something interesting: each room of any house are connected places. except for the kitchen ! The idea grew up quickly, we conceived many amazing functions for a connected kitchen device and worked on a final prototype.
We call it: Frydj
Internet invited itself in all parts of our homes: our bedrooms, our sitting rooms, our bathrooms... everywhere except … the Kitchen. With this revolutionizing device, the internet of things is coming to your kitchen"
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